Portable Mini Air Cooler Fan

NPR 650.00


  • Material: Plastic
  • System Requirements: USB
  • Pack of: 1
  • Rechargeable


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1.Host 11.5CM, the host is wider, the air volume is greater.

2.It can adjust the angle of the left and right air outlet. Two up, two down, left up and right down, left down and right up.

3.Air blowing up and down, a greater angle, the cold area can up to 80 degrees.

4.After switching off the electric power, the battery power is cut off, and the electric power is avoided so as to avoid the explosion accident. 5.It basically belongs to the mute state. •

★Standard Density Grid: Each gap is not more than 0.8cm. kids are also safe to use it. •

★Full ABS Resin Shell: Impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistant characteristics. •

★Toggle Switch: Efficient heat radiation protection, built in rotating shaft, two outlet up and down support adjust angles. •

★Right Inlet: The wind blows smoothly and stably. •

★Into the wind double, the wind out is also double.


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